Servizi i servizi

Industrial Auctions offers for sale: goods, vehicles, machinery, from bankruptcy proceedings.

The new is the decision to use all the tools of the most advanced Internet to ennoble the goods used, ensuring not only increased availability of detail, but also a wealth of information designed to help customers in EVALUATION opportunities proposals.

Industrial Auctions has also designed a range of services both for customers and for the bodies of the selection procedures.

In proposing these solutions Auctions Industrial guarantees CUSTOMERS:

• A constant service and after sales: specialized operators will be on hand to provide all the relevant details of each type of inquiry.
• A publication as detailed as possible: aware of the difficulties that may be encountered when considering the purchase of used goods, even more so if from bankruptcy proceedings, we chose to share all the information we have to ensure the highest possible clarity.
• Boards of specialists: the different souls that make up Industrial Auctions are characterized by specialized professionals in many areas, this variety allows the customer to deal with technically skilled operators and can provide key information in the different stages of the purchase.
• Help desk: the world of the web nothing is obvious, often for a few simple operations are impossible for others, that's why we decided to provide assistance in this regard by ensuring an aid for all kinds of difficulties that you may encounter on our site.

In order to provide a complete service to INSOLVENCY PROCEEDINGS, we have developed a series of activities to facilitate the management of assets:

• Inventory 2.0: thanks to the experience gained over the years, under the powers available to us both in bankruptcy and in terms of process optimization, we can ease the burden of the activities through a process that inventariaizone , using modern technological tools, it is aimed at the rationalization of the times and greater accessibility of documents. Familiarity with the web and its dynamic promotion provide the guidelines within which to develop the elaborate, with special attention to possible follow relocation.
• Assessment: in a time when the market seems to be in a particularly difficult period, our company is able to provide objective estimates and in line with what the same is able to understand. All values ​​expressed by us are the result of a thorough analysis path carried out thanks to the use of specific applications for this type of activity. Our ratings are always written with objectivity and awareness, as well as the completeness that distinguishes professionals.
• Securing and logistics: our structure makes use of partnerships that make it able to face any kind of problems that may minfestare on the site of a procedure cocnorsuale. The removal, storage, load, custody, there is no aspect of logistics that we are not able to handle, always in compliance with the safety standards, in the interest of the prospective purchaser and the procedure itself.
• Promotion and sales: all are able to propore services related to online sales and e-commerce, the difference lies in the way in which they are made and the results that are achieved. Industrial Auctions took its distance from reality successful track record both in terms of traditional commercial, that the aspect of the skills of the web and of the resulting dynamic promotional. Marketing and advertising are obsolete words overcome by a hyper market where new fronitere are represented by investments in visibility and raggiungibiltà network messages. Our strength lies in conforntarci and update us constantly compared to a world, that of communication, extremely dynamic, without losing sight of the personal relationship with the customer. The quality and the adoption of such choices lead us to achieve the highest level.