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Historical tire retailer in the year 2015 has ceased its business, the great experience gained by management, also thanks to the constant contact with qualified dealers and the needs of motorists, had enabled the realization of a tire sales portal To which twenty-four storehouses adhe red to, in addition to tires for all vehicles at highly competitive prices, fast delivery times
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The company was established in Rome about 20 years ago in the stationery industry and over time became the Apple Authorized Reseller. Of the Cupertino giant, in addition to the sale of electronics, he later borrowed the industrial logistics model.
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Tuscolana Ferredil has been evolving for years in the building industry, making it available to companies through wholesale, but also private individuals with a brand new retail sector.
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The company was founded in 2004 with the task of detecting the management of the regional landfill of Cupinoro, to which its 25 Urban Municipal Solid Waste Municipalities gave 25 municipalities in the Lazio region: Anguillara, Bracciano, Campagnano, Canale M., Cerveteri, Castelnuovo di Porto, Capena, Magliano, Fiano, Formello, Civitella S. Paolo, Ladispoli, Manziana, Mazzano, Nazzano, Morlupo, Ponzano R., Riano, Rignano, Sacrofano, Santa Marinella, Sant'Oreste, Torrita Tiberina, Trevignano and Filacciano.
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Vichi Holding is the parent company of 5 companies in the fields of metal processing, precision mechanical constructions, electro-mechanical assemblies and supplies of products and services for energy and telecommunications fields. All companies move in total autonomy, thus guaranteeing absolute certainty about the best choices or strategies to follow